Kaslo Gardens Housing Co-op Overview

Kaslo Gardens Is not accepting new applications for membership at this time.

If you’d like to be notified when we start accepting new applications, please add you name to our mailing list. ADD YOUR NAME


  • The ONLY email you will receive from us through MailChimp is to notify you that the application process is open again.
  • If you added your name to our list BEFORE April 8, 2022, and you would like to know when we open the application process again, please ADD YOUR NAME AGAIN

Already on our waitlist? Things to know!

We will not respond to questions about how to apply. We will not respond to questions about where you are on our waitlist or when a unit might be available.

To renew or update your application information, send an email to membership@kaslogardens.ca.

Renewals must be received annually to remain on the list.